Whitetail Deer,  Black Bear, & Turkey Hunting in Michigan


Welcome Hunters! 

Whitetail Deer harvested with Greenwoods Outfitters     Greenwoods Outfitting is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of the game-rich Menominee County, Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Our area is best known for it's high concentration of whitetail deer, black bear, turkey, pheasant, and waterfowl (geese and ducks).  Our camp, the Wildwood, is located just five miles from Lake Michigan and seven miles from the Menominee River.  These are both well known fishing locations.  Greenwoods has over 2000 acres of game-rich private land.  Our deer and bear hunters enjoy the finest quality, comfortable tree stands. Bear stands are over fully-baited sites.
One of the many buck rubs you will find on our property
     You may have seen us on Ron Schara's show: "Backroads with Ron and Raven" on ESPN. More
recently, the Backland Outdoors (of the Outdoor Channel) crew visited us again and did a deer hunt with Greenwoods Outfitting.  These people were great, and I hope we get a chance to hunt with them again. Actually, they are planning to come back again.

     In response to our hunters request, we are now going to make it possible to take advantage of the other hunting experiences our farms can offer.  Beginning this year, you will be able to partake in the hunting smorgasbord!  You will be offered and only be charged for the type of hunt we design for you.  This means you may set up a deer hunt, turkey hunt, bear hunt, or a combination of all we have to offer.

     You can get the details and prices of your trip under our hunting section. You can also get some useful information on our trip info page.  Contact us today and let us customize a hunting trip to meet your needs and your budget!

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